Merry Christmas!

I pray you are all having the best Christmas ever!  I am.  I'm only missing my nephew Jeff, his wife Leah, my other nephew Jerid, his girlfriend Caitlin and Gene, my brother-in-law.  They are stuck at home in the snow.  Oklahoma is shut down for now, but we are still hoping they will get here soon.

I promise I have been so busy while I've not been blogging.  I am going to do a quick photo post and I'll get back as soon as possible for some details.  Also, not included are six cookie buckets, two dozen cookies, stacked books for college graduation and a tractor on a field. 

Please take your time and leave a comment, good or bad.  It helps me improve on areas I do not see up close.


I am here!

Good morning everyone!  I have been so busy, not just  with cake, but life.  Grades/school, cakes, family, home, etc.  I am just letting you know I will post with some pictures this weekend.  I simply wanted you to be aware, I have not forgotten you!  Thank you so much for being patient.

I'm so excited, only 1 1/2 days left of school this year!  Yippee!

I'll be back in a couple of days.  I pray you have an amazing week!



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