Deep into Cake!

I have cakes to show you! and up date the schedule too!

I almost forgot,
I have some good news and some not so good news.  Which should I let you know first? The good or the not so good?  Oh, I'll ask the kids in my bedroom, one second...They both responded, "the not so good news!"  So, here goes.  The not so good news is, I have a bulging disc in my neck (between C5 and C6), it is affecting my neck, left shoulder, and arm.  No worries, we are hitting it head on with Chiropractic care, Massage therapy, and posture pump.  It just takes a while to fix that way.  I don't have the time or the desire to have surgery, so I press on.  Just please keep me in your prayers. :)

Now the good news. It makes me so happy to announce I am a full time mom and a full time baker/cake decorator!  Yes, it's true!  (I wear many hats!) I am not teaching as I had planned.  My husband didn't want me teaching, in case the "right" job opportunity came along for him.  So, I get to devote my time to your orders and my family.  I'm not a supporter of Micky D's, but "I'm lovin' It!  

I do wish I had help so I could take on more orders.  It is very difficult for me because I'm having to turn some wonderful people away.  So, I urge you to check 6-8 weeks in advance!  

The schedule for the next few months is...
September - Booked
October - (only two spaces left!)  7th and 14th
November - available dates are 18-23
December - available dates are 1-18

Please! Please!! Please!!! Call and schedule if you need a date!!!! I'm not sure if I'm being very clear.  I know I already have 2 dates for February taken.  It's getting crazy around here!  Don't worry, I really enjoy the challenges you all send my way.  Keep them coming! 

Finally, pictures!  I have cakes all the way back to July!  What's up with that?  I'm not lazy, I'm busy!!!! Whoooo Hooooo!

Addison Jane Baby Shower

Ashley Kate's 6th Birthday Carnival. It was amazing!!!!
Clownin' Around
My Banana!
Fondant Pink Seal of approval!

Lolly Pop Cookies
Busy lil' Owl turns 1
Owl Cookie for cakes

Owl Smash Cake

Owl Cake Pops (aren't they soooo cute? Who? the owl cake pops! Who? This could go on for ever:)


Karston's Sock Monkey

Mike's Sooner Football

Pink Mickey Cookie

Purple Mickey Cookie

Bentley's 1


Sponge Bob and friends cake
I want a Crabby Patty!

Angry Birds..."A PigNic"


Riley Fly is his real name and his electric guitar really has a fly on it like this one!  Pretty cool, huh?
Chocolate Circles


 I hope you enjoyed the cakes!  I told you I've been busy. Have a blessed week.


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