It's A Toni Cake's 1st wedding cake ever!

Here are pics of cakes I made before the blog.  There were no orders this week and only one for next week.  Please enjoy!

Made for my husband and father.  It's perfect for their silly personalities.  We called it Grumpy Old Men.

Again, my dad still has the top tier with the characters
Waldorf and Statler attached.

It may be hard to believe, but The Hills Are (still) Alive with Music!

Fraulein is singing her heart out for the birthday girl.

This was for my daughter's 9th.  We celebrated her
birthday at Sweet N Sassy.  They were made up like stars and walked the cat walk singing and dancing.  She had to have a cake to match the celebration.  It is 6 layers of cake and it was all eaten!

Chloe's whimsical birthday.

My pastor, Bro. Paul Blair loves golf.  I surprised him with his 45th birthday cake.


Yes, It's the Cake Lady!

Does any one feel so busy you don't know which day it is?  That's how it has seemed to me lately.  Obviously, since Christmas.  I've been to Louisiana, Texas and Florida and to top it all off, school just had to start up again.  Where did the time go?  I don't know.

I have done cakes, cup cakes and cake pops, and the all popular cookie.  Here are some of the cakes I've had the privilege to create and I hope you have good things to say about them! Just kidding!

Homer Simpson O.D.'s on a giant sprinkle do-nut and sodas.
Made for Malek, one of my 6th graders.  He found the perfect birthday cake, it's a show he loves to watch (He found a photo on-line, not sure where  I searched and found it on flickr.com under the food pornographer's blog).

It was red velvet with vanilla butter cream covered with Fondx fondant and jimmies.  Homer was made of fondant.

4 Men having a birthday, (you will notice many different themes). 

What do you get when a doctor, a banker, and 2 major OU fans/hunters celebrate a birthday together?

A doctor with two left feet! 

The story goes... doc was dancing like a wild man (obviously!) and fell right into the cake! Fortunately, they had served some cake before he Peter Panned off the stage!  Way to go doc!

Now, can you imagine the wives scooping up any cake that was good enough to eat (not touching the floor)?  Well that's what happened!  I don't blame them-I'd do it too!  I love cake!

I just hope everyone had a great time!

Happy Birthday guys!

The cake was dark chocolate and white cake filled and iced with cream cheese butter cream.  All the decorations were edible (except for the wires in coffee straws holding the oil spewing out of the oil derricks.

The OU and the Schooner (fondant w/tylose) were colored red with Gourmet Writers (food markers). 

Notice the deer, "Mr. Cool".  He may have lost his antlers in the battle with the hunters, but he won the war! He tied the barrel of the rifle in a knot and removed the string from the bow.

Just below are a some different angles of the cake.

Our friend Bryson (one of the birthday boys) requested some calves on his cake and I was gearing up to make some cute baby cows.  His wife, Illena was kind enough to let me know he wanted "leg" calves not "cow" calves.

I hope he liked them!

This was for a 40th birthday for a man who loves his sailboat.

I was so proud of this cake.  I completed it before our Florida trip and delivered it to the restaurant.  Unfortunately, there was a problem.  I believe the walk in fridge the cake was put in was so humid the cake began to come apart at the sails.

Thanks to Rachael, my SIL, the cake was salvaged and it looked just as it had before. 

Leslie said it was perfect for the party. 

Groom's tractor, other wise known as Scott's tractor.  Not John Deer!  It had to be a Case!  Apparently these are rival brands and I had no idea it even existed, but I know now there is definitely a difference! 
This particular tractor was yummy!  It was dark chocolate cake filled with chocolate butter cream and the field is outlined with Fondarific chocolate fondant.  This was a really big cake!  One of the heaviest I've ever had the pleasure of delivering!  Good thing I had been working out!

A pink and blue Zebra cake for a Sweet 16 party.  I met with Elyse and her mother and they were very easy clients.  They knew exactly what they wanted.

I love it when that happens! 

Then again I do enjoy the challenge of designing a cake.  Which is what is coming up at the end of the month.

Here is a cake I almost had forgotten about.  I made this for my niece a couple of years ago.  She was a ballerina and had danced since she was 5.   Kathy, my sister requested some toe shoes and tadaa...there you see them.  Believe it or not, my she still has them wrapped in plastic and frozen. 

That cracks me up!  People can be so funny!

It's time for me to say, "Good night!"  I need to get some rest for my 6th graders tomorrow, they can be a real handful!  Pray for me and have a blessed week!



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