Hot Crazy Summer

If you've had a crazy summer like I've had, well it's been pretty hot.  We don't live where wild fires are burning, just my oven. Trust me, there are plenty of pictures to prove it. 

Cakes I'm posting today will include some originals, some inspired by other decorators, and then some that were duplicated from other decorators creations.  Often, a customer wants a cake exactly like a photo they find, so I do my best to give them what they want.  Of course it has the "Toni Cake" touch.  I'm sure you'll know the cakes I'm talking about.  I've noticed some have been popping up around the net everywhere I look.  From FaceBook to Pinterest to Flickr and even Cake Central.  I believe it's simply following the "popular" thing at the time.  It works for me.

If you have a comment I welcome it.  I enjoy hearing your opinions.  Just try not to be too harsh and hurt my feelers. 


Golf Ball Cake Pops

Brody Lil Rebel

Brody Lil Rebel
Smash Cake

Braden ~ Super Hero

Chocolate Batman Cake Pops

Vintage Mickey

Evan's Mickey Mouse

Griffin ~ Keep Truckin'

Ashley's Owl

OSU Graduation

Black Peony

Cale ~ Batman

Hank ~ Sumer Fun

Kylie ~ Fantasy Fairy

Will 1st Birthday
Hungry Catapillar

Hungry Catapillar Smash

Hungry Pitter Pop

Spotted Mickey Smash

OSU Graduation

Hailey ~ OSU Bound
HS Graduation

Finding Nemo

Nyan Cats

Skye's McQueen

Malli's Monkey

Back Yard Camping

Ashley's Owl



I hope you enjoyed the photos.  Have the best summer ever!


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