Sweet Girl

I want to share some sweet pictures with you. Here is Piper enjoying her very own cake on her 1st birthday.


Cake Competition!!

That Takes the Cake! competition is coming  February 26-27.  It is held in Austin, TX and I plan on being there!  I'm very excited for a couple of reasons!

First, it's competition!
Second, I get to take a weekend and enjoy special decorating classes.
Third, I get to see my friend KiMater!

Last year I created Tow Mater and won second place in my division.  This year, I was bumped up a level and I'm very nervous about it.   I am not sure what cake to make at the moment, but it has to be amazing.  If you have any ideas for a design, please send them my way.   It would be fun to make a cake one of my customers or friends suggested.  If your suggestion is the "One", I will reward YOU!
One of three rewards:
       *25% off your next order,
       *1 dozen decorated sugar cookie party favors, or
       *2 dozen cake pops
 The only thing is it has to be a 3D (carved) cake. 

Cake Business!

Coming up, I will be adding cake decorating to my schedule through a public entity.  I'm so excited about this opportunity.  As soon as all the details are worked out and their newsletter is completed, I'll be sure to let you know if you might be interested.  It will be so much fun! 

There are so many cakes, cake pops and cookies to add to our galleries.  I hope you enjoy the new pics!

I am posting this because I made this for a friend.  Her little one turned 2 last week and I had so much fun designing this.  It is all edible.  It even had cake pops to accompany the center piece.

"Meggie" Mouse Party!

"Meggie" Mouse Cake Pops

Piper's Monkey

Beach Cake (smaller version of Ashley's Cake)

Mario Party! Cake, Cookies and Cake Pops!

Mario Party Birthday Cake

Mario Star Sugar Cookie Party Favors

Mario Mushroom Cake Pop

Golf, anyone?

Engagement Ring
Brides Shoe in gumpaste
Bridal Shower Cake Pops and Cup Cakes

Bailey Fashionista!


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