I thought I should let you know the status of my schedule.  People have been calling, texting and emailing me like crazy.   If you do not see the date you need, it is already booked.

August - booked
September  10-15 (1 open)
October      9-13   (1 open)
October 29 - Nov (1 open)
November 5 - 24 open

Remember, you must contact me in some form of writing to confirm your date.  Please do not put off what you need to do today until tomorrow, your party date might be reserved by your friend.

Here are last weeks cakes:

Something Sweet
Mini Cupcake Cake
Super Sweet
Super Heroes
Spacey Sweet
Angry Birds in Space

Have a great week!


Back from Vacation!

It was great to finally have a vacation, but it was just as great to get home.

I have a couple/few photos to share today.  Now, for those of you who need to know I'm taking orders for September, October, and even November.  Please Please Please!!! let me know if you need to be on the schedule.  It doesn't matter if you don't know what your theme is, or details of your order.  That information can be sent as soon as you decide. Just get your place on the schedule.   Before I left for vacation, I was turning 4-5 people down each week because of last minute plans.  I hate having to turn people down.  I'm so sorry to those of you I had to tell I was booked.  I still feel bad about it.

Here is what I have open and maybe it will help you to know if you should call, text or email me quickly.

# Available:     Dates:

2                     August 29th - September 2
1                     September 10th - 16th
2                     October 3rd -13th
4                     October 23rd - 31st

Can't wait to hear from you!  itsatonicake@gmail.com

A group of wonderful church women came together with me this year to decorate 30 dozen cookies for our Reclaim America for Christ conference.  They did an amazing job!  Proud to be part of such a great family.  Thank you ladies!!!

Clearly Will turned 4.  He is a big cars fan and his mom found the perfect cake just for him.  A photo was sent to me and this is the result.  Original designer is AndreasSweetCakers she's found on flickr.com

This particular cake and cup cakes were made for my very special niece Ashley Kate.  We celebrate her life every year like no other.  This year the front yard was turned into a farm and it was amazing!  There was a pony for rides, chickens and roosters, and bunnies to hold and pet.  They built a barn where food was served and eaten.  Quilted picnic areas, and place to play checkers.  Fresh fruit stand, candy stand, wheel barrels held ice to cool the mason jars filled with tea, sweet tea, and lemonade.  There were stick horse races, sack races, and a chance to lasso the neck of a wooden horse contests.  It was so much fun.

I hope you enjoyed the post today.  Have a great week!


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