Cakes, cakes and well...more cakes

 Of course cake is what I do. 

Did you expect I might go to the jungle and meet up with Tarzan and his two side kicks?
"Welcome to the Jungle"
(original designer SweetCakers)

or go somewhere over the rainbow...
(Inspired by CakeLava)

with Wonder Woman?
Wonder Woman
(Design inspired by Pebbalina)
*Small cake is gluten free

 I could have tip toed through the Daisies with...
"It's a Daisy Baby"

Moustache Mickey,
Moustache Mickey

or joined the Thunder Basket Ball team and shot some hoops with the guys?
Ben - 5
"Thunder Basketball"

No, wait...I built a monster truck for Nathan to "crash" his own party with.
Nathan and Grave Digger

(Here's a close up of the truck he drove to the party. JK!)
Grave Digger Monster Truck

What if I just had a crazy dream with swirls, polka dot flowers, and waves of bright colors?
Brooklyn's "Fancy Nancy"

With my schedule, I guess anything is possible.

I hope you enjoy the cakes and have a great Easter Sunday.


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