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For those of you who know me personally and have heard of "KiMater,"  this is my bestest buddy!  She has a great blog and I hope you will go check it out.

This is a how to make Isomalt diamonds for anyone interested.  Be careful!  Do not get burned! 

Pink Box Bake Shop: Recipes: "Isomalt Hard Candy Recipe for making Sugar Diamonds 1 cup Isomalt 4 Tablespoons Hot Water Liquid food coloring as desired Combine Isom..."

If you Post it They will Come! UPDATE!

Cake orders are coming in fast!  If you need to schedule, email or call me before your date is closed.

The following dates are now closed:   
       August 16 -21
       August 22-28
       August 29-September 2
       September 9-11
       September 13-18
       September 20-25
       September 27-October 3

Although there are no cake dates available for these dates, there are cake pop and cookie dates open.  Email, call or catch me in person to check open dates, if you need or want any.

Thank you to everyone for responding!  You are great!



Cake orders are coming in fast!  If you need one email or call me before your date is closed. 

The following date are now closed:

August 21 -28
September 10- 24

Thank you to everyone!!!


Oh Where Oh Where are my Cake Orders?

No, I know I shouldn't post this, but I did have a wonderful break this summer.  However, it's time to get back to work.  I don't care that school is starting, I need to decorate cake!  I don't care if it's cake pops, specialty sugar cookies, I just need to be creative and have some where for them to go!  I know this is nuts!  I have orders on my calendar, but I want MORE!  whoo hoo!  Bring it on!  I'm ready.  Is that wrong? 

Well, October is going to be here before I know it.  I guess I could get started on that!  You don't know what happens in October?  Oklahoma Sugar Art Show in Tulsa!  Competition!  I'm so excited!  I know what I'm going to be creating, but you will have to wait to know or to see it. If you are a decorator and plan on attending, I'd love to see you there.  Let me know if I should look for you!  I'll be there the entire show with my hubby.

Please let me tell you about the strawberry cake I had pulled out of the oven and no customer to receive it. No, it did not get thrown in the trash!  This morning I pulled it out of the freezer/fridge (yes, it's been there since I filled with vanilla butter cream, covered with fondant and some what decorated it!) and gave it to my niece Jessica.  No worries - I tried it!  It was as amazing as the day I baked it. Jessie is a strawberry cake eating girl and loves my strawberry cake.  Jessie was more than happy to take it off my hands.  It made smiley to give it to her, too.  I didn't want it to go to waste.  All's well that end's well.

HEY!!  I do not keep cake anywhere that long, but I wanted to see how yummy it would taste after "so many" days.  I win!!!!

I guess it's time to get some zzzzz's.  If you or anyone you know needs cake, cookies, or cake pops, please send them my way.  I will love to take care of their sweet tooth. 

Have a blessed week!

Please continue praying for Ashley and my family.  Thank you.


A Bitter Sweet Weekend

Yes, I must explain the title of my post. Forgive me as it may seem a ramble.  There is a point, bare with me.

My sweet niece, Ashley Kate is in the PICU at Omaha, NE.  She had gone into severe rejection with one of her transplanted organs.  On July 30th, the transplant team had to go in and remove all except 3 inches of her intestine and 3 inches of the donor intestine.  My brother, Chuck, older sister, Kathy, and I grabbed some clothes and a toothbrush and rushed to Omaha, so Trish and my brother-in-law, Dave would not be alone. We made it right after they took her back.  We stayed the entire weekend and arrived back home Sunday night.  (So, there is the very BITTER.  Wait there is more to come.)

Monday morning I had to go cake supply shopping (Why does that always take for ever?).  I had only one order for a customer, a smash cake, 100 sugar cookies, and a 3 tier cake to do for my niece who was turning 5 on August 4th.   Wednesday afternoon, as soon as I took cakes out of the oven, I ask my customer if she could pick up her order 2 days prior to the original date.  Unfortunately, she decided to cancel after I spent money and time working on her order.

Of course, I needed to get back to Omaha with the cookies and cake for my niece.  So, I pressed on and finished my sisters order.  On August 6th, we left at 10:30 a.m. for Omaha and the 7th celebrated Ashley's birthday.   About 90 people, including family and friends made it to Omaha for Ashley. That was such a blessing, and the SWEET part.  When I saw Ashley, I thought, she did not look right, but was still beautiful. (I chalked it up to she was scared of all the people and still had not recovered from her ex-plant.)  Sunday morning came, packed up and ready to go home, we drove to the hospital to say goodbye.  On our way there I received a text:  They had to take Ashley back into the O.R.  That was so scary knowing my thoughts at the party.  I was so grateful we had not left yet and were able to be there once again for my sister and Dave.  They did not find what they were looking for, but an ugly infection from the prior surgery.  Ashley is still battling the infection.

I'm not looking for sympathy, just your prayers. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is...Even though you have no clue is going on in someones life and they should never have "cake" conflicts, don't rush to judgment.  Sometimes life just happens.  Remember, it is not in their control, just as it is not in yours.

(If you would like to know what is going on with Ashley Kate, her blog is ashleyadamsjournal.blogspot.com)  "She will leave finger prints all over your heart."

Thank you for allowing me to ramble, I know this is a cake blog, so I'm happy to post CAKE and COOKIES.  I have already put it on Cake Central.  There are over 100 favorites of her cake and that made me smile.  I hope you enjoy the cake as much as I enjoyed the privilege to make it. 

Have a blessed week.

Smash Cake

Under the Sea (front)

Under the Sea (back)

2nd Tier

"Ashley's Place"

"Bob" the Blue Fish
(yes, I named them and gave them a voice!)

"Clown" Fish (Notice the big red noses and wig!)

"Sam" the Swordfish (Poor guy lost his sword fight)

"Red" the Crab, "Orion" the Starfish & Mr. Puffer 

"Lola" the Kissing Fish (Love those lips!)
See the clam?  It has a pearl too!

"Grandpa" the Octopus

Funny Flamingo Cookies

Party with Palm Trees

Fat Fish


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