Birthday (Boy)

Smash Cakes
Smash cakes are usually made for the 1st birthday.  They come complimentary for the 1 year old when a regular cake order is placed for the party.  A smash cake is a 5" chocolate or vanilla cake with butter cream and made to match the family/friends cake.  It's the perfect size for your birthday boy or girl to tear into.   If you have received a smash cake, and would like to have a photo of your child "digging" in posted on our blog, just send a photo to 

Little Fingers and Little Messes 
To most it's trouble, but to a mommy it blesses
Leaving tiny finger prints, giggles and smiles
These priceless impressions, a little artists style 

Dr. Seuss Smash Cake

Sheriff Boston
Monkey Around (smash cake 1)

Monkey Around (smash cake 2)

Monkey Bananas
"Giddy Up" (Smash Cake)
Farm Smash Cake (Rice Krispy Treat Barn)
Moose ~N~Zee (Smash Cake)
Javen's Dinosaur Land (smash cake)

Big Boy Cakes 
“Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional”

Gotham City

Dr. Seuss Stories

The Lorax  "Speaks for the Trees"

One Fish. . .

Two Fish. . .
Red Fish. . .

Blue Fish. . .

Green Eggs `N` Ham

The Cat `N` the Hat
Sheriff Boston
Fondant Cowboy Boots/Hat
Saber's 2
Optimus Prime Truck
Monster Truck (Inspired by invitation)
Golfer Dean

Mario, Shrooms, and Gumba's are in the House
My Hero, Lennox

OU Schooner

Thomas Train

Round Up Gang

Grave Digger Monster Truck

4" cake

Sponge Bob Bottom Dwelling

Farrari Hot Wheel


Boot Scootin'


Pastor Appreciation Paul Blair

Try "Duh"

Messed Up Business


Grumpy Old Men (Inspired by CC Decorators)

Oklahoma Twister

NEWS FLASH: Local Pastor Paul Blair turns 45

Monkey Bananas

R2D2 (Inspired by many)

Birthday is today for jedi it is

Saber's 1

Chocolate Strawberry Patch


Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Baseball? (Rice Krispy Treat)

Military Tank

Sumo Jake (Inspired by Debbie Brown)

McQueen (Inspired by Rosebud Cakes)


All Aboard

All Aboard


Splenda Butterfinger

Batter Up

Mario Party

"Air Guitar"...NOT!

Basket Ball Fever

The "Big" One, well...60 anyway

The "Big" One, well...60 anyway


Major OU Fan

Under Construction

"Catch's" Cake

OU Helment

F-4 Fighter

Camo Jake

Under Cover Calvin


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