Austin, TX Cake Competition

Austin, TX was so much fun.  "That Takes the Cake" competition, Knight's of the Turn Table, a Mid-evil theme.  There were so many amazing cakes.  There were extreme cakes in the main competition category.  Dragon's blew smoke out of thier nose, doors opened and characters popped out of the ground.  I was surprised and thrilled to experience them first hand. 

You may be wondering if I competed, the answer is yes.  I was in the Professional 3D category.  Trying to be a good sport and supportive to the other competitors, KiMater (my Cake Central friend) and I waited to see what cakes placed.  The third place was announced, it was a great cake.  Then the second place cake photo and name was announced on the big screen and it was my cake and name!  I couldn't believe it!  That was the last thing I expected, because there were some really great cakes in our category.  Shocked, I happily accepted my metal.

Here is my entry:


It was inspired by Disney's The Sword in the Stone.  Merlyn was packing up his cottage to go with Wart (future King Arthur) to the dingy castle.  His books, globe, and his hat were magically smaller as they were packed into his only bag.

The judges didn't understand the scene or the explaination of "Packing up the Cottage" that I had put on the description of the piece.  They suggested I make the books and the globe in proportion to Merlyn, the main subject.  I just laughed.  I wonder what could have happened if they actually understood.  The world may never know! :)

I also had the privilege to take two flower classes with James Roselle, Food Network Cake Challenge winner.  He is very talented, cute, and wears the biggest smile.  Here is a picture of he and I after one of the classes and then the gumpaste flower I made with his instruction.

Toni Bruner, James Roselle


The next competition I plan on entering is The Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show in Tulsa, OK.  If it works out, I already have my competition piece in mind and need to get started on the characters.  It will take little by little to complete all the details.  I hope I'm worthy!

That is not the only thing I've done since the previous post there are plenty of cakes to share with you.  I hope you enjoy them.

Designer Shoes

Red Sox Dog

Sweet 16 Sock Monkey

Wizard of Oz - Dorothy

Yoda-Star Wars
Yoda and Storm Trooper Party Favors

Turtle Baby Shower

Hello Kitty Surprise

Bacon~N~Pancakes (YUM!)
Little Green Dragon

White Horse

Llama Island
My daughter Kenzie had to do this for an assignment.
She did very good.

If you need or just want a cake, cookies, cup cakes, or even cake pops, there are two places open for the last week in March.  First come is first served.

Until next time!  Have a great week!


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