It's A Toni Cake: Chocolate Covered Strawberries

It's A Toni Cake: Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I hope you are having a great April!  I'm staying busy with everything that goes on in life.  Cake Too!  I've done one or two since my last post and I thought I might share them with you.

The first cake was a Dark Chocolate Cake filled and covered with my Hershey's Chocolate Butter Cream (one of my faves!) with Dark Chocolate Fondue poured around the edge of the cake to give it a nice dark contrast.  On top are ruby red strawberries dipped in Dark Chocolate Fondue Chocolate.  The Happy Birthday sign is made with Fondarific Chocolate Fondant and Fondx Virgin White Fondant mixed with tylose.  I wanted it to look like a dirty sign with splashes of "mud".  Now looking at the sign, I should have made it darker - nothing I can do now.  Besides, my faithful customer loved it anyway and that is what counts!

The second cake was Chocolate Butterflies and a Big Chocolate Bow on a pink & brown baby shower cake for twin girls.  The new mommy and daddy are new to our area and the ladies at her church surprised her with a baby shower Saturday evening. 

The babies names are beautiful!  Personally, I loved their middle names so much I put them on the cake. Besides God has given these gifts to the parents two fold:  Faith and Grace.  

The cake was Dark Chocolate filled with Vanilla Butter Cream and was covered with Fondarific Chocolate Fondant and Fondx mixed with Americolor Gel - soft pink.  The problem I had with this cake was the top border kept giving me fits!  I was tired and just couldn't get it even.  I think I tried it a good 5 times and finally went with what you see.  

I guess it could be worse, however every happy little accident is an opportunity for learning.   I should be the smartest person I know by now, but evidently I'm not!! (Not kidding! lol)

The following cake was a Whimsical/Topsy Cup Cake Cake with Cup Cake Cookies to go with it. The cakes were Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Butter Cream.  All the accessories are made with Fondx Fondant and tylose.  (even the birthday candles are made of fondant)  It seems to me the accessories to any cake are one of my favorite things to do when working on a cake.  It made me smile while I was working on them and I smile every time I see it now!  Maybe it's my happy place! (Just kidding!)

I hope the next cake like this will go much easier!  This one was an all nighter! The cake board was easier than I had expected and the bottom cake, the cake slice went so well. I just knew this was going to be a no brainer!  Wrongo!  Everything that could have gone wrong - did!  The cakes didn't want to hold the shape no matter what was done to them and what you see is the final result.  

Again, my customer was happy and her daughter Rylie who turned 3 loved it and that is what matters! (Wow!  I feel like I've read that somewhere before!)  Here are the cookies - they were a lot of fun to make too! 

Please check back soon!  I'm sure I'll have more to post!  (PSST! I still haven't done my taxes! Pray for me!!!!!) 

Let me know if you need anything or just want to say hi.  I love hearing from you! 

Have a great week and dream of sweet treats!


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