Reese's Cup, Slice of Cake & 2 Scoops of Melting Ice Cream

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving for my family.  I hope you had one too.  I did manage to accomplish my daughters 12th birthday cake.  By the way, my sister is an amazing party planner.  If we lived in the same city, we could accomplish so many incredible things.  My daughter called her and told her I could do the cake, but only she,  Aunt Trish, could plan her party.  She wasn't being mean, she was telling the truth.  The party and the cake were both a hit with the girls who attended.

The first tier was a Reese's Cup.  Dark chocolate cake, filled with a creamy peanut-butter filling.  Standing on that was a giant Slice of Cake.  Red velvet cake filled with cream cheese butter cream.  Two scoops of ice cream were just hanging around on the side of the "Reese's Cup", vanilla cake, covered with butter cream and fondant.   I used 4 candy canes to support the slice.  It was no problem since the cake stayed here and very simple to disassemble when we were ready to cut into it.

I simply want to say thank you to my 2 sisters!  Trish for planning and Kathy for cleaning, helping with the shopping and wishing Trish would let her help decorate for the party! 

I hope you enjoy.  Until next week end.

A few more cakes...

Graduation Cake for an Art Major

Pastor Appreciation, Pastor Paul Blair
(100 servings)

Cake for a back yard wedding.

Close up of main cake.

One of three satellite cakes.

Side/back view of the Grooms Cake (his car).


Happy Turkey Day!

I just love this time of year.  (Christmas is the best!)  Which it must begin some where - Thanksgiving!  I love when the leaves begin turning the most beautiful colors and falling slowly to the ground.  The crisp smell of the air-cooler days and nights, long sleeved shirts, hoodies, football, frito chili pies and the warmth of a beautiful fire are just a few of the amazing things this time of year brings to me.  However, I love spending time with my best friends, my sisters.  Thanksgiving also gives us time to stay up late and get up early for Black Friday shopping.  I love them and their families so much.  If I did not have sisters to confide in, laugh and cry with, play games and pick on our husbands together, my holidays would be so lonely and sad.  I just love it so so so so much!  Any one else feel this way?  God is so good and has blessed me so much.  Thank you for my family!

Love to ramble too!  I realized the week had slipped through my fingers and the next thing I know is two weeks are now passed.   Two weeks ago I did do some work.  I made 2 more pumpkin cakes.  My neighbor has yet to get me some pictures to post for you, but they were similar to the previous one.  I made them more for a little boy, not for a princess.  They were bold orang with some air brush details. 

It's O.K.!  I delivered 2 cakes today so I have those to post.  I made a cake for a friend of mine and it was a special birthday-because she is my friend, I refuse to tell which birthday it was.  I hope you enjoy this cake.  I found it from one of my many cake books and gave it the "Toni touch"!  When we brought it into the house her family said it looked more like a wedding cake than a birthday cake.  They didn't want to tear into it, but I'm sure they did.  It was a strawberry cake with hand made roses.  Even her hubby was shocked by the cake and he ordered it!  I love that part of my job more than anything.  The shock and amazement.

The other cake I was happy to create was a Fire Truck for Judah.  It was all chocolate with cream cheese butter cream.  I had a little taste (scraps) and was shocked by how much I enjoyed it.  I've already heard from Stacey and she said it was so good and a big hit! That makes me so happy.  Please enjoy.

Thank you for checking in again.  Have a wonderful Turkey Day!


Carved Cakes - My favorite!

This week I have been up to the weeeeeee! hours in the morning.  While you were catching some ZZZZZ's, I was baking and creating.  (Please pray that I may do only bakery!  That will be a dream come true.)

This is what went on...
     Cindy, my pastors wife, ordered a cake and 1 dozen sugar cookies with the school logo.  She wasn't sure of the cake, so I suggested a pumpkin cake.  She misunderstood and thought I meant a pumpkin flavored cake.  I clarified and told her a 3D pumpkin cake.  I think she liked that idea even better.  Since it was for a school auction, I offered to donate some pumpkin shaped sugar cookies and was given the go ahead.  I do enjoy donating what I can for Christian schools who teach our children how to love and serve God.
Back to the pumpkin cake, I chase rabbits A LOT!  Don't worry, I'm back from that episode.  The secretary from the Christian school I teach at commented, "It looks like Cinderella's pumpkin".  I loved that statement so I named it "Cindy's Pumpkin".  It cracks me up that "Cindy" actually made the order! ha!
The cake was chocolate filled with vanilla butter cream covered with a mix of Fondarific Chocolate and Fondx fondant.  Then it was air brushed to get the final results.  The accessories are made of Fondx with tylose. (An agent that makes the fondant harden quickly.)  Wow!  I hope you like it as much as I did.  If so, let me know!  I love feed back and your honest opinions!

                      Cindy's Pumpkin

                                   Sugar Cookies:  CHA Logo

 Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

The next order was for Bailey N. from ECA.  About 6 weeks prior to her party, she wanted to have a Mermaid cake and I'm so happy she is female because she changed her mind!  Go Girl!  She decided to have ballet toe shoes.  They were so cute.  I found the original design at I Dream of Cake.  It's a wonderful web site and great inspiration.  She has some of the most beautiful cakes I believe I have ever seen.  If you don't believe me check it out for your self.  See there went a rabbit!  Watch out they're everywhere!  I know you are ready to see the cake so here it is. (2 slightly different views.)

"Tippy Toes" 

The "wooden" block is vanilla cake filled with vanilla butter cream.  Covered with Fondarific chocolate fondant/Fondx fondant mixed.

The shoes are strawberry cake covered with vanilla butter cream.  The fondant is Fondarific Butter Cream Fondant/Fondarific fondant.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks results.

Here are more cake designs done previously.

 Welcome Home/1st Birthday

Renna & Reagan

Baby Shower


Gotta Love Life!

I do love life.  I never know what is going to be around the corner or not.  I've had another week of break from cake.  I did get caught up on my laundry!  (There's always something positive to find in every situation.)  So, this next week is going to be busy for me.  I'm teaching (as always), 6:00 a.m. workouts, taking care of my girls, filling the orders for the week, church and to top it all off, my husband had to fly to Houston today and I'll be doing it all myself.

Yes, you did read correctly, I actually have orders for next week.  Shocking! I know, I agree.  I even turned down orders.  What's up with that?  Well, I am only one person and I have no help.  So there you have it.  I feel so bad telling people I am booked, but I have no choice.  If I took them all, they would all be less than my best.  Therefore, I want to focus on the orders I was able to take.  (First come, first served.)  Until I get my ducks in a row and can hire some help, this is how it has to be.

I've decided to share a few more cakes I have made in the past.  Thank you for being faithful to see what I'm up to.  You are all great!

Girl Baby Shower - Pink Paisley

Boy Baby Shower - Blue Paisley & Stripes

Design from Elisa Strouss, Confetti Cakes

Original Design by Pink Cake Box
(She has such great designs.  Many customers bring photos or email them to me for my version.)
Kylie's 1st Birthday - Blue Bird


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