Carved Cakes - My favorite!

This week I have been up to the weeeeeee! hours in the morning.  While you were catching some ZZZZZ's, I was baking and creating.  (Please pray that I may do only bakery!  That will be a dream come true.)

This is what went on...
     Cindy, my pastors wife, ordered a cake and 1 dozen sugar cookies with the school logo.  She wasn't sure of the cake, so I suggested a pumpkin cake.  She misunderstood and thought I meant a pumpkin flavored cake.  I clarified and told her a 3D pumpkin cake.  I think she liked that idea even better.  Since it was for a school auction, I offered to donate some pumpkin shaped sugar cookies and was given the go ahead.  I do enjoy donating what I can for Christian schools who teach our children how to love and serve God.
Back to the pumpkin cake, I chase rabbits A LOT!  Don't worry, I'm back from that episode.  The secretary from the Christian school I teach at commented, "It looks like Cinderella's pumpkin".  I loved that statement so I named it "Cindy's Pumpkin".  It cracks me up that "Cindy" actually made the order! ha!
The cake was chocolate filled with vanilla butter cream covered with a mix of Fondarific Chocolate and Fondx fondant.  Then it was air brushed to get the final results.  The accessories are made of Fondx with tylose. (An agent that makes the fondant harden quickly.)  Wow!  I hope you like it as much as I did.  If so, let me know!  I love feed back and your honest opinions!

                      Cindy's Pumpkin

                                   Sugar Cookies:  CHA Logo

 Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

The next order was for Bailey N. from ECA.  About 6 weeks prior to her party, she wanted to have a Mermaid cake and I'm so happy she is female because she changed her mind!  Go Girl!  She decided to have ballet toe shoes.  They were so cute.  I found the original design at I Dream of Cake.  It's a wonderful web site and great inspiration.  She has some of the most beautiful cakes I believe I have ever seen.  If you don't believe me check it out for your self.  See there went a rabbit!  Watch out they're everywhere!  I know you are ready to see the cake so here it is. (2 slightly different views.)

"Tippy Toes" 

The "wooden" block is vanilla cake filled with vanilla butter cream.  Covered with Fondarific chocolate fondant/Fondx fondant mixed.

The shoes are strawberry cake covered with vanilla butter cream.  The fondant is Fondarific Butter Cream Fondant/Fondarific fondant.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks results.

Here are more cake designs done previously.

 Welcome Home/1st Birthday

Renna & Reagan

Baby Shower


  1. Love the pumpkin so cute. The ballerina shoes are too cute. Might have to do that one for Katie Bug someday.

  2. you do beautiful work! i did a pumpkin cake too but am embarrassed to show it after seeing yours! funny story... i was asked to make a cake for a ballerina party and ballet shoes came to my mind. BEAUTIFUL!



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