Reese's Cup, Slice of Cake & 2 Scoops of Melting Ice Cream

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving for my family.  I hope you had one too.  I did manage to accomplish my daughters 12th birthday cake.  By the way, my sister is an amazing party planner.  If we lived in the same city, we could accomplish so many incredible things.  My daughter called her and told her I could do the cake, but only she,  Aunt Trish, could plan her party.  She wasn't being mean, she was telling the truth.  The party and the cake were both a hit with the girls who attended.

The first tier was a Reese's Cup.  Dark chocolate cake, filled with a creamy peanut-butter filling.  Standing on that was a giant Slice of Cake.  Red velvet cake filled with cream cheese butter cream.  Two scoops of ice cream were just hanging around on the side of the "Reese's Cup", vanilla cake, covered with butter cream and fondant.   I used 4 candy canes to support the slice.  It was no problem since the cake stayed here and very simple to disassemble when we were ready to cut into it.

I simply want to say thank you to my 2 sisters!  Trish for planning and Kathy for cleaning, helping with the shopping and wishing Trish would let her help decorate for the party! 

I hope you enjoy.  Until next week end.

A few more cakes...

Graduation Cake for an Art Major

Pastor Appreciation, Pastor Paul Blair
(100 servings)

Cake for a back yard wedding.

Close up of main cake.

One of three satellite cakes.

Side/back view of the Grooms Cake (his car).


  1. Great job on the cakes. Bayly's turned out really cute. Sad I didn't get to eat any of it.

  2. It's O.K., it was Kenzie's b-day cake! lol.

  3. Hello Toni,
    I am your fan from Russia )) Your cakes are wonderful! You have brilliant ideas and big mastery to bring these ideas to life! I feel so sorry you are so far away and I can not order any cake for my nieces )) Don't think I am able to do something like this myself.. But Christmas may be a challenging time for me.. I wonder what is the receipee for the cake itself? Is it a secret? Or can I ask you to give me at least some advice if not instructions ))
    Thank you for your blog! It is very optimistic and inspiring =) Your cakes are very beautiful!


  4. I am so happy to hear from you. Deric mentioned you would be visiting my blog.

    If you would like some personal instruction and recipes, please email me at itsatonicake@gmail.com. I'm happy to help you as much as possible.

    Here is a little more encouragement. I am self taught. Only recently have I taken any "fun" classes to help me along. Also, I learn more everytime I make a cake. I figure if I can do it, anyone can.

    I'll be watching for your email. I hope you have a blessed day.




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