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New Cakes

I know you must have missed me.  O.K., maybe not.  I've have missed being on here though.  I have had trouble with my computer and have been at the mercy of my children and husband to use their computers.  It just is never the same when I'm on theirs.  My pictures and cake programs are not on them, only on mine.  However, the geek squad has come to my rescue and my computer is back on.  Yes, it feels like my long lost love has re-entered my life (so to speak).

I have been very busy and have made some fun and tasty cakes.  I am posting them on this post and in the gallery's they belong in.  That way you will have a front page view and then they will be accessible when this post has been archived.

Before I post the photos, I want to say thank you to my customers who continue to support my passion.  With out any of you, I would not have the opportunity to push myself to be better than the last cake or cookie creation.

Please continue to pray for my niece Ashley Kate.  Her fight is far from over.  She has to be infection and hospital free for three months before the doctors will even talk about re-listing her for transplant.  To see how she is doing, please stop by her blog ashleyadamsjournal.blogspot.com.  I know they would appreciate your visit.

Time for cake!

Cinderella Princess or Princess Kezia

Small cake is a specialty cake made by the mom. I made the topper and decorated the cake for her.  The large Carriage is chocolate cake filled with vanilla butter cream.  All accessories are fondant with tylose and edible dragees.

 Bench on the front of the carriage.

Curtain and side panel with step.  

Allison's Coach Purse
Vanilla cake, vanilla butter cream filling, covered with fondant.  Gum paste IPod.

Bowling Bayly
Fondant bowling pins and balls top vanilla cup cakes
We had a bowling party with pizza and of course bowling.

Damask (I had 2 orders for the exact same cake.  I am only posting one.)

The birthday ladies were:  Candi and Sharon
(both had their own cake about a week apart)

The colors are not what I was after.  I was working for a bright pink swirl and bright lime green swirl on the cakes.  They turned out nice though.  I think Becca really liked it.

Mrs. Patti Hog was so kind to order a special cake for her M-I-L.  She requested flowers.  Because of the size of cake, it needed a single hand made gum paste flower.  I hear she loved it.

Cherry cake with vanilla butter cream and cherry butter cream filling and border.

Under Construction.
I have made this little guys cakes from the beginning- No.1  Now we are on No.3!  I enjoyed this.  Thank you to my husband, we worked on this one together.

The vehicles are rice krispy treats and the sand is sugar cookie and sanding sugars.

Play Ball!  This cake was for nephew, Blake, who turned 15. My 2 nephews are 11 days apart!

Blake has had baseball fever since he was walking and talking.  This is a round field with a fence, the ball, cap and hot dog are rice krispy treats and the peanuts are fondant.  Happy Birthday "Catch!"

Guess who this cake was for!  Yep, Mike Hogg!  He is a die hard OU fan. Every year a new OU design for him.

However, every year it is cherry cake with cherry butter cream filling.

Spiderman, My Hero!  Lennox is such a cute little guy.  Pardon me,  he's a big 3 now!  and still cute as a bug.

Believe it or not, this one put me on edge a little.  I did not want to disappoint anyone, but it came out better than I thought.  Honestly, I was very pleased with the result. I can not remember which web site I found the instructions on, but they were a big help!  Thank you to you!

The head is rice krispy treats and the torso is cake.  Lennox is on cup cakes, not cookies.  Everyone kept saying cool cookies, but they are cool cup cakes.

F4 Fighter Plane
This was a very large cake.  Thanks to my wonderful husband we were able to accomplish this task.  The runway even had working lights that flashed in sequence from back to front.  It was pretty cool.

Camo Jake. 
My nephew Jake turned 15 and went deer hunting with his new gun.  Yes, he got one!  The biggest one out of the entire hunting party.  Poor Bambi's mommy. 
hApPy BiRtHdAy Judge!

Cake Pop!
Single serving. Chocolate inside and out! Yummmmmm!

Camo Calvin
(Loved seeing this guy!  He looks exactly like both of his parents whom I dearly love! Nancy and "Lumpy") This was not a military party, it was an air gun party something like paint ball.  Mini air-gun and mini binoculars with "Duff" trees are fondant.


The Party was at Paint Your Art Out in Edmond.  This cake was based off the painting they were doing at the party.

Cow Skull (served 50)
Vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream and raspberry filling.  Sounds yummy to me!

(I think it's a very ugly cake, but I received a text the next day that read,  "it was a hit and it tasted as amazing as it looked."  I would say it was a success!)
The horns are rice krispy treats and the sand is sugar cookie and sanding sugar.

I hope everyone has a great week and enjoys the up coming weather.

If you have a need for a cake or cookies in the near future (2 weeks or 2 months)  please email or call to schedule.  I'm already taking orders for December and January.  Don't miss your chance to have a Toni Cake.


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