CAKE!!! It's everywhere!

Cake is everywhere!  I even have been dreaming of it.  I dream about being behind and making the wrong cake flavor and design and horrible things happening to them!  O.K. definitely one of my dreams came true.  Take a look at the cake it happened to.  It was cute at the house, but then...   No, I was so shocked by the time I arrived to fix it, I didn't take a picture.  I simply focused on not crying because of the time I put into it.  Cakes like this one will be a delivery with a fee-from now on. This is the only picture in existence!!!!

Well, so much for hard work!  It doesn't always pay and this yellow critter proves it!  I even stayed up all night!

I have so much to catch up on, I hope you understand.  (School is out for us as of the 7th and I'm just now getting a chance to post.)  Can you say Crazy Busy?  If not, I just said it for both of us.

Here are some of the cakes I have accomplished along with some cookies and cake pops.

Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Butter Cream filling and Fondant

This cake was fun to make-a Gender Cake!  I knew what the mom and dad-to-be were having before they did!  My friend told me the dad wore blue anticipating with great excitement they were having a boy!  However, when they cut into the cake they found bright pink.  Sorry dad, maybe next time!  

Here comes the Bride! and Groom.

Damask design repeats around the cake .  All is Red Velvet filled with Cream Cheese Butter Cream.

I tried to make it a "Purple" Velvet, but the cocoa didn't allow it.  Unfortunately, cake kept turning very ugly!

I have wanted to do a Damask design for so long and I was thrilled to do make it.
Grooms cake is Pineapple Chunk Cake iced and filled with Vanilla Butter Cream.   The "Leather" tooling are panels of Fondx Fondant and horse shoe is Gum Paste dusted with many different colors of dusting powder.  The statue is something the mother of the Groom added.  Very nice touch.

Monkey Cake Pop Tree

How many monkeys have black noses?  Can you find them?

In person they were more adorable  with tan noses.

Basket Ball Anyone?
I should have made the front of the basket ball the other side.  This is the back of a ball.  I see my mistake now.  Now that it is over.  The base of the ball is Styrofoam and the top half is cake.  This was an adventure. By the way, Stephanie.  Thank you for sending your friend to me.  I appreciate it!

I LOVE DISNEY!!!! IT'S THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! (Well, it make me smile!)

"Minnie" was made up of 2 layers.  The bottom layer was chocolate and the top was vanilla, iced and filled with vanilla butter cream.  The Ears and Bows are made of gum paste and the lettering and small heads are Satin Ice Fondant.

 "Sweet 16"
Has a whole new meaning...
I just loved this cake!  My customer said her daughter takes a great deal of time to decide on most everything.  However, when she saw this cake (from a recent movie-Because I said so(?).  She knew right away, this was the one!  Then to make it her own, she wanted the center tier to have "geometric" circles.  I think of the 70's myself!  I loved it when the cake was done! So did her mom. The board is covered with Satin Ice Fondant.  This is going to sound odd, but I think it was Vanilla.  How sad, I obviously need sleep!
The cupcakes were for her class at lunch and they loved them.  She had friends she never knew she had!  Here is where the sweet meaning comes in.  She shared them with the students that came over from another lunch table.  Most teens wouldn't do that today.  That is so SWEET!  

Baylor or Bust!

Another style I've been wanting to make.  Finally, a friend/customer let me do what I could to include him going to Baylor.  This is what I came up with.    Chocolate Fondarific.  Yum!
I didn't care for the first design, so I added about an 1/2 of strawberry to the original cake flavor of Marble.  (Don't worry, I've been friends with this family since the graduate couldn't say his "R's" and his daddy called him "Stumpy" in public! I don't "add" on flavors with just any one.)  So, I forgot to mention this to her and when I called her that evening, she said they noticed, the funny was... most people wanted strawberry. So, in a way it worked well for all of us.  She even had extra servings!  Yippeeee!

ARMY Tank (and dinosaurs?)

Javen loves Army and Dinosaurs.  You do not see the small herds of dino's, but they are running around a small mountain you see behind the tank.  My hubby helped me on this one.  It worked.  His mom said it was a hit and everyone loved it.  That just makes my day.


I do not have very good pictures of this order.  Unfortunately, it was fashionably late to the party.   Elmo is made of Gum Paste and the bows and accessories are Fondarific Fondant.  Bottom tier: Vanilla Cake, Middle tier: Dark Fudge Cake, and finally the top tier:  Strawberry.  All layers of cake are filled with Vanilla Butter Cream.  The board is also covered with fondant.

If you look closely, you can see an Elmo cookie.  There were 3 dozen, bagged and tagged for party favors.  I loved how they looked.  I didn't add the mouth, because I just liked it with out one.  The cookie is a recipe I found and tweaked it just enough, it reminds me of Disney Worlds sugar cookie.  Mine is a Lemon Vanilla Sugar Cookie.  Very tasty.  I hope they enjoy them as much as my family and church family do.
My hubby and I worked and worked on this cake and the previous cake.  Before that I worked on the luggage and cookies and the 2 smash cakes that were added to the order.  It happens.  I finally turned my oven off after having it run for almost 2 weeks solid.



This cake is made for a baseball fan.  He turned only 70 last week.  Every separate piece is cake, except the baseball.  Don't worry, it could be eaten too, it's Rice Krispy Treats.  I research vintage baseball and the only 2 things I didn't replicate very well, were the price on the popcorn bag and the bat.  The original price of a bag of corn was 5 cents and the bat should have been very skinny.  However, it's difficult to get the servings you need out of a skinny bat!  These cakes are on a 20 x 30, 1/2" foam board.  Very heavy.  I'm going to add a close up of the base ball.  It was my favorite!!!!!
See what I mean? Check out that stitching!  Don't you just love it?  O.K., enough of that!

A Bucket of Apples for the Teacher

I made these for the teachers who work at Edmond Christian Academy.  Yes, I ate one too.  It was rather tasty!  

You know what they say, "An apple a day..."  

The cake pops are Dark Fudge cake with Vanilla Butter Cream, dipped in Candy melts.  The stem is Chocolate Fondarific and the leaf is Fondx.

There are a few cakes that I have not added.  I didn't get a picture of them, because they went out so fast.  Sorry.  I may get a copy from the customer, then again, one never knows.

Final business before I go.  During the month of June, I will only be accepting Cake PoP and Cookie orders.  I apologize to anyone who is needing cake.  I can not even refer you to my "back-up" baker, because I found out she too needs a cake break!   I am already booking for July, through October, so if you anticipate needing or just wanting to order, you may want schedule and pay 25% of the order to hold your date.  It is filling up quickly. 

I pray you have a great week and a blessed night.


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