It's A Toni Cake's 1st wedding cake ever!

Here are pics of cakes I made before the blog.  There were no orders this week and only one for next week.  Please enjoy!

Made for my husband and father.  It's perfect for their silly personalities.  We called it Grumpy Old Men.

Again, my dad still has the top tier with the characters
Waldorf and Statler attached.

It may be hard to believe, but The Hills Are (still) Alive with Music!

Fraulein is singing her heart out for the birthday girl.

This was for my daughter's 9th.  We celebrated her
birthday at Sweet N Sassy.  They were made up like stars and walked the cat walk singing and dancing.  She had to have a cake to match the celebration.  It is 6 layers of cake and it was all eaten!

Chloe's whimsical birthday.

My pastor, Bro. Paul Blair loves golf.  I surprised him with his 45th birthday cake.

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  1. I love the Muppet cake. I can remember watching as a kid. Made me laugh! Your cakes are wonderful!



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