Happy New Year!

I can't believe 2011 is almost gone.  Ever remember hearing, "the older you get the faster time flys."   That is so true!  Where did it go?

Anyway, there are 2 cakes to post.  I don't know if I've shared with you my favorite type of order.  It is when the customer gives the flavor, colors and number of servings and say, "I trust you, just go with it."  That's what the following cakes are.  Jill said, "Red and Silver, white cake." Steven said, "Just do some thing with swirls, 20 servings each.  We need 2 cakes, one for Wednesday and the other for Friday."  So... I made something for both of them.

Jill's Glamour Shoe Cake

Gift Bag for Jill

Ahhhh! I almost forgot!  I helped my daughter with a Science assignment/project.  "Cell" cakes.  One is an animal cell, the other is a plant cell.  So, if it looks like a gross mess...it is.  I covered the cakes for her and she worked on the decorations.

I warned you.  Yuck!

Happy New Year!

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