Baby Showers and Birthday Business

Good morning.  I thought now would be a good time to share some things I've been busy with.  I have really enjoyed making some of the cakes I'm about to post.

Please share you're comments, they are always welcome and if you have questions, I will do my best to get back to you asap.  Also, I will be posting how I make and decorate a cake board, how to make a loopy bow and who knows, maybe a few other things I enjoy doing.  Hope you like the new cakes.

Channel change
If you are a "Cake Snob" on Face Book, then you haven't missed out on anything.  If you would like to be a "Cake Snob," you must first request to be my friend and then find the Cake Snob group and join.  I don't let just any one hang around on my fb.  I use to, but there was some scary and crazy things that would happen.  Therefore security was put in place.   My blog is to share with those who do not really fb and want to see the different types of cakes I have the privilege of making.

Channel change 2
I hope you're enjoying the fall weather in Oklahoma.  We need to keep those who were and are affected by the recent super storm Sandy in our prayers.  I couldn't imagine what they are going through.  I know only one person who lives in NY and she is the daughter of our song service leader at church.  Now, I've done tornado's my entire life, but never a hurricane.

Back to cake!
Remember the competition from my previous blog?  Well, this is what I did and this is a picture from my house.

Lorax "You have been warned!"

Here is a picture from the back of my car.  Yes, if the armature is not correct, this is what could happen. So, be careful.  It's funny, I can make a 3D figure from home and drive it all the way to Austin, TX for competition, but I can't seem to go from home to Tulsa, OK for competition with out a "caketrastrophe."  I just laughed and was thankful it didn't land on my daughters cake.

Lorax "Caketastrophe"

Onward and upward!

Scooby Doo
Here is a picture of the cake board before the cake is added.  It's quite a process, but I love the result.

Lennox Cake board

Baby Cowboy
1st Baby Shower for Issac

Paisley Cake board

Dr. Seuss Cup Cakes
Cat in the Hat
Thing 1 & 2


Candy Corn Cup Cake

Drippy Icing Hello Kitty

2nd Baby Shower for Isaac
"Noah's Ark"

Super Hero Kellen
figures were added at party

Super Hero Kellen
Fall Wedding
gum paste leaves

Grooms cake:  Goat
The couple are Agricultural Teachers :)
Sesame Street
Avery's 2

Golden Princess
Ashley's 1

Golden Princess Smash Cake
Pirate Pierce
1st Birthday
Pirate Treasure Smash Cake


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