I've been toying with possibly raising my prices, after not doing so for so long.

Here is a question/rant to all of my wonderful readers.  Nothing bad has happened to me to cause this, but to someone I highly respect and is known probably by you too.  (If you're into the Food Networks cake challenges.)

Your opinion is welcome, good or bad.  I may choose to respond or not, but anyway here's what I have been throwing around in my mind.

People pay unbelievable amounts of money on parties, weddings and other celebrations with out blinking.  (decorations, food, ball rooms, gyms, churches, etc.) Then when it comes to the "center piece" of the event, it has to be perfect, look great, taste great, and cost next to nothing.  Why?  I don't understand that.  How long do you spend on planning and setting up such a celebration?  Weeks, months, even years if it's a wedding, right?  Well, do you think it only takes 30 minutes to throw together a cake for you?  If you do, well, then it's time for a reality check.  I've missed family events because of the hours and days I've spent on one custom order.  It may seem so easy and simple, but it isn't.  Not everyone can do what I do.  The last cake I did for a customer cost them $120.00 and I spent a minimum of 20 hours on it.  That doesn't say much, but if it's broken down it's not a lot of money.  20 hours is my time, then there's the utilities, the fondant, foam board, eggs, flour, sour cream, sugar, oil, pudding, ribbon, molds, fondant tools, cutters, tylose, cake box, and who knows what I'm not even thinking of.  Has anyone ever thought of this?  I have.  I really don't make money with what I do, but I could if I didn't do a lot of my cake business as a ministry and if I charged more.

What if I based my prices on your hourly pay at your job, plus the products?  Is my time worth as much as yours?  Have you ever thought of that when ordering a custom cake?  How much do you value your cake decorator? Do they deserve more credit than you give them?  Next time you need a cake, please think about what you are asking and don't give the person you're asking a hard time.

There are those incredible customers and people who truly appreciate what I do.  I know because they don't get upset when I give them a quote and they make sure to over thank me in person, send me an email thanking me, post it on social media thanking me, and also realizes what I've done for them is worth more than I quoted and makes sure to pay a little extra.  There are many of my customers who are like this and are so faithful to me.  It actually hurts if they're not able to get on the schedule.  They feel they are missing something special at that celebration.  To you...thank you.  I treasure you and your families. A little goes a long way with someone who works hard and is sure to give you great results.

I guess all I'm saying is, please appreciate your cake decorator.  Don't give them grief over a quote, because they are special and what they do is special too.

Please have a blessed day!

One last note:  Orders are coming in quickly and I am scheduling all the way into October.  Please email me if you need to check on a date.  itsatonicake@gmail.com

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