Ahhh! School Started today!

Regardless of the fact that school started today and I'm teaching 6th grade. Things do not seem to slow down, but quite the opposite. Just today, I received a new order-from one of the teachers. It's only the beginning! Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful. I do get Fridays off so I should be able to get things done at school and baking.

Yesterday, I did a cake for one of the ladies at the school. We'll call her K.K. until I get permission to mention her actual name. Anyway, I saw her this morning at school and she had great reviews about the cake. It was dark chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream. The 2D animal cut outs are exactly what was on the baby bibs. Those are what I personally like most about the cake. K.K. sent me pictures of the theme and I followed it.

Honestly, I wanted to do fondant, but she really wanted butter cream. I may have to start charging more for butter cream, just to get to make fondant cakes more often! (Just kidding-well.....maybe!) Remember! You must give the customer what they want! I sure try.

Please let me know what you think of it.

Tonight I baked up some yummy carrot cake bites and topped them off with a crusting cream cheese butter cream. Now, if you do not like cream cheese, this icing may change your mind! It is so good! I personally despise cream cheese, but this is one I could eat all the time.
Any way, I plan on taking some to the teachers at school tomorrow and to Evangelism Explosion tomorrow night, we call it EE. Every Tuesday I bake and package cookie buckets for them to pass out while they are visiting and witnessing to people who have come to our church. I just wanted to give the EEers a little something different for them to enjoy. Still there will be cookie buckets for those they visit.

Oops! I almost forgot to post a few more of my favorite pictures.

Church Lady Cake Pops
Madeline's Cake

Bria's Castle

Bria's Party Favor Cookies
Bria's Special Cookie
Reclaiming OK for Christ-Prayer Baked Cookies

The "Prayer Baked Cookies" were for a conference our church is a huge part of. I donated 5 dozen of the sugar cookies, decorated with royal icing. They were tagged with the conference logo and labeled appropriately.

I hope you are enjoying some of my favorites! If you see a cake and would like to know details-please ask.

O.K., it's time for me to check out until my next round of orders. Have a great week!

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