I'm as busy as a One Legged Man in a Booty Kickin Contest!

Don't get me wrong-I'm lovin' it! (Not McDonald's) Cake!

This week end, mom came over to help out. We finished it all!

AWANA Balloons (AWANA colors)

Here is what we had on the "menu"... 2 cookie orders. 2 dozen decorated sugar cookies for AWANA Club and 2 1/2 dozen chocolate chip for Evangelism Explosion. Plus, 2 cake pop orders. The first was a bucket of apples for the teacher (in Texas!) and then 2 dozen beach balls for the beach cake order. My final order was for one of my favorite Texas customers, Mrs. Melanie Jones.

Here's how the Texas order went down...
Little Miss Brenna and I discussed her cake when we were at my sisters in Longview, TX (a couple of weeks ago). She made sure her mom didn't order pineapple for her birthday cake. It was chocolate with a kitty cat on a pillow. The only "stab" mom got in on the cake design was orange and hot pink colors. We managed to make fun orange flowers with hot pink centers. The kitty has a hot pink bow (one on her head and the other on her tail), a toy mouse on the board and a small ball next to her on the pillow. I heard she really liked it.

Now, for Melanie. I made her a 10" pineapple cake with pineapple cheese cake filling. I covered it with vanilla butter cream. Nothing fancy in my book, but she thought it was beautiful! There will not be a photo, because I didn't take one. It was smoothed and a bead border. That's all! I did send 4 plastic forks for the trip home to Arlington. She kept promising she wasn't going to eat it. Yeah, sure Melanie! Her mom said, "She may not, but I will! If it goes to her house I may never see it again!" Besides, last time I made a "side" cake for Melanie, it was gone before they left Oklahoma! Very funny girl!

The "Teacher's Bucket" was also for Melanie. One of her girls has a teacher she loves. So, she wanted to give her a small gift for being an amazing lady and influence on her daughter. I like what she thinks! The apple's are dark chocolate cake dipped in melted vanilla candy. The leaves are gum paste, and the stem's are Fondarific Chocolate Fondant-one of my favorite fondants! It tastes like a tootsie roll!

Single Apple Cake Pop Teacher's Bucket

Now for the beach cake. It was for one of our teachers, Sydnee. Ordered by her mother Kim. Also a teacher at Edmond Christian Academy. It was a fun cake to make. If I could do it all over, I'd make the same design and add so much more! An umbrella, sea shells, Syndee as a fondant character tanning by the water or playing with the sand castle, radio, beach chair, seagulls flying in the top tier (the sky), and so much more! The top two tiers were vanilla and the bottom tier was banana nut (Sydnee's favorite!) All covered with vanilla butter cream.

The "Buckets of Beach Balls" are cake pops. Also, a dark chocolate cake dipped in vanilla candy and then vanilla Satin Ice Fondant mixed with Fondarific Butter Cream Fondant (my other favorite flavor of fondant!).
These four things were both due out yesterday. Fortunately, one at 9:30 am and the other at 5:00 pm. God is good to me! The cookie orders were due on Tuesday and then on Wednesday.

Please check back next week and I'll post the new Schooner! Have a blessed week!

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