I hope everyone is enjoying your long weekend.  I am and plan on enjoying it until Tuesday morning when I show up to the school. 

Last week was not very busy for me.  I made Mike Hogg's OU Schooner.  That was the 3rd time I've been asked to make one.   I'm flattered.  My family and I delivered the cake to The Olive Garden where they were enjoying Mike's birthday.  So, we decided to sit down and enjoy dinner too.  (We were on the opposite side of the restaurant.)  It was so good.  Of course they invited us to join them, but we declined.  I was to tired to entertain as I usually do.  I had stayed up all night to make sure it would be completed.  I still had to teach last week so I worked on it as much as I could.  Thankfully, God gave me all the energy, strength and skill I needed to finish on time.  Thank you God. 

The OU Schooner was a cherry cake with cherry butter cream and covered with Fondx fondant.  I use a knife to make the wood grain and then painted with chocolate brown air brush.  The wheels are foam core and thin wood dowels covered with fondant (still used a knife to make wood grain).  The canopy is held up by wire in side of straws.  It is also made complete of Fondx virgin white fondant.  Finally, the wagons handle is also foam core.  I used the same techniques as I did for the wheels. 

Well, I must go.  I have to get ready to watch OU!  Yippee!!!
I hope you enjoyed stopping by.  Until next week.  I'll have so much more to share.  Lots of work coming up!

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