I'm finally stealing a few moments to blog.  My sister Trish informed me I'm a "blog liar", because I didn't blog last weekend.  Isn't she precious!  I know she was being silly-It's normal for us to pick at each other.  I once reported that all was well until some one dropped a house on my SISTER! lol!

Anyway, I went from last weeks orders right into this weeks orders.  I have been so busy, mom is working like crazy and even staying the night to help me out!

Labor Day weekend, our church had an old fashion celebration. So I made the cutest little cookies.  They were almond flavor sugar cookies.  I used royal icing under the fondant to make it stay in place.  Chocolate Fondarific fondant mixed with virgin white Fondx fondant to make the cone.  Then used them separately for the "vanilla & strawberry" ice cream scoops.  The cherry on top is red Satin Ice fondant.  They were pretty yummy.  Unfortunately, most children do not like the almond flavor, but the adults again loved them.  Hey, as long as someone likes them I'm happy.  They were not wasted. 

I also had a last minute order and was happy and excited to do it.  It was a tea pot for a sweet heart named Brooke.  She had the privilege to have her party at a tea room and I understand it was a lot of fun.   The tea pot was chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream.  Yummy!  One of my favorites!  The lid, spout and handle were made from Rice Krispy Treats, covered with fondant and dotted with royal icing.  I used Ameri-Color Air Brush colors for the the paint.  LOVE THEM!  I searched the internet and Cake Central for a whimsical tea pot, but had no luck.  I was actually inspired by Collette Peters with the paint design.  So, as you can see, the final result.

How in the world could I ever forget my favorite student of all time?  Alana!  She is one of my fans and obviously I am one of hers.  She is an amazing young lady who is an incredible pianist.  So, I made a small 7" round for her birthday.  Soon I'll be creating a 3 tier Piano cake for her party.  Each tier will be Baby Grand Piano.   I'm so excited and can't wait!  However, for now, here is the small music cake she enjoyed.  I sent a fork so she and her mom could begin eating it on the way home.  Alana was actually picking the butter cream off and eating it in front of me in my drive way.  What a nut!  Gotta love her!

I began working on Thomas the Tank and I'm almost finished.  I will post pictures as soon as I can.

For now, please have an amazing week.  I'll get back as soon as I can.  I have a wedding this week end so, please pray for me!

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