I love decorating cakes! Cookies Too!

I know, I know, it's been a month!  Can you believe I still don't have my taxes done?  My husband can't either.  Who know's I may be able to get it all done some day!  Well, I can dream can't I?

Any way, I've been busy.  So busy, I have to make another R2D2 cookie just to take a picture.  I ran out of time and brain space to realize I didn't even take a picture of them.  What a nut!  Nothing new here, just ask my family.

Here is a picture of the R2D2 cake made for Preston.  (The Red Ferrari was his cake last year.)  This year, he decided he loves Star Wars.  He also requested Yoda to make an appearance on his cake.  So, I made a 2 1/2" - 3" fondant Yoda.  Behind R2D2 is an outer space back ground.  It is made using foam core board and royal icing sprinkled with edible glitter, the letters are fondant attached with "gum" glue.

(As soon as I can, I will attach a picture of the cookie.)  There were 4 dozen R2D2 cookies made for the party to go with the "ginormous" cake!  I can honestly say, "They were yummy!"

Here is a Snickers Candy Bar for anyone with a sweet tooth!  This cake was for Brooklyn's 14th birthday.  Melanie said the cake was sooo yummy!  I sure hope so.  

Instead of net wt. I thought net age would be fun.

The next cake is a giraffe the size of a 4 yr. old.  It was for Saber who turned 1!  Next to the big cake was the smash cake (6" round) with a replica of the giraffe on top.

 Here is a picture of the cake board.  It was made to look like a hard wood floor.  That was the easiest part to make of the entire cake!

Pink with black zebra stripe works great for a Sweet 16.  It is a copy of Abree's welcome home and birthday cake.

I'm still busy as ever and I'll be back (Yes, I'm the Cake-a-Na-tor!)  See you soon!

(careful - tomorrow's April fools!)

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