Dr. Seuss Cake!

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish . . .
Oh! and do you know who speaks for the trees?
Did you ever read about Sam?  Sam I am? He does not like Green Eggs and Ham!
What about double trouble with flaming blue hair?
Seriously!  I thought curiosity killed the cat.  Apparently not, it's just in the middle of everything!  We know him as the CAT, The Cat in The Hat!

If you know these things, maybe you are a fan of the wonderful world of Dr. Seuss!

"Dr. Seuss" was a wonderful children's story book writer.  I could only imagine what kind of cake decorator he would have been.  Since he wasn't, many bakers are (Me included!)  This cake was originally designed by a stay at home mom, Kate.  Her cake was the inspiration for my creation.  I made it as close as possible to her design, but added a couple of my own ideas.  I hope you enjoy the cake, smash cake and cake pops!  I certainly enjoyed creating them.
Wonderful World of Dr. Seuss

Evan's Smash Cake

Thing 1 & Thing 2 Cake Pops


One Fish. . .

Two Fish . . .
Red Fish . . .

Blue Fish . . .

Green Ham N Eggs

Cat in the Hat

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  1. I love your cake design. I hope you don't mind that I try my hand at it. Could you tell me what size cakes you used.
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