Cake-Would you eat it here or there?

Another week has come and gone.  So have a cakes.  I did accept 2 orders for last week, but they were not difficult at all.  The other orders I turned away.  Sorry to those who did not get a "Toni Cake".  I had a great reason!  Really, I promise.  It was the National Cake Competition in Tulsa!  I paid my entry fee and even spoke to someone about the category my cake would be in.  Anyway, before we loaded the car and headed to Tulsa, I wanted to be sure I had the cake ready for stacking at the show.  So, we tried to stack it.  It messed up the top two tiers!  AAAAAAHHHHHHH!  I didn't have enough time to repair it and get it there on time.  I decided to leave the cake and go to the show.  It was fabulous!  I met Bronwen!  She is my one of my two cake heroes!  If you've been with me from the start you would know that Marina Sousa is my other cake hero!  These two are amazing!  I'd love to see them work together at one of the Food Network Challenges.  Sorry, I'm good at getting of the subject.  Please bare with me.  

Can you tell what kind of cake I made for the show?  Did you read the title of this post?  It is a simple little clue.  If you guessed Dr. Seuss, YOU'RE RIGHT!  Yippee!  (there are no prizes for getting it right).  It was Green Eggs and Ham.  I know, every one has done one, but I'd like to think there isn't a cake design like the one I came up with.  I wanted to pull a page or two out of the book and make it cake.  I hope you enjoy it, it was fun.  

Lets look at the bright side of competition.  At least I had the guts to pay for the entry!  hahaha.  Maybe next time I'll get the cake to the table-so to speak!  bwaaaa haaaa!

The first order I had was for 50 cup cakes.  Half chocolate and half vanilla, half pink and the other half green.  They were needed for a baby shower.  I figured, cup cakes are simple and I told my customer, if they were not simple cup cakes, I wouldn't be able to do them.  She kept them simple and she got cup cakes. (They were like these, but no "L".)

The second order was for a simple zebra cake for a 1 year old.  Of course there was a "copy cat" smash cake for the princess.  I wanted to put her name on the board, but the boa was so fluffy it couldn't be seen.  Maybe next time, who knows?  I thought (of course) they turned out pretty good.  

As far as I know, this week is extremely slow.  I think someone is telling me to breathe.  That's exactly what I plan on doing.  Every night I will come home and get comfy and drop!  A little R&R is in order.  No not rest and relax, rest and recovery!  That's what I need recovery! 

Thank you for stopping by and checking in.  Have a great week! 

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